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Thanks for coming to look at my site. My books about Nokuthula, reliving the wonderful experiences we all had with African wildlife, will bring the magic of the African bush right into your soul. You will meet Msomi, Robert, Themba, Khankhanya and the other outstanding individuals who added so much to my time here.

You will laugh, you will cry, but above all, you will fall in love with Africa all over again. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit, these books will make you want to come here, real soon!

Brian Connell was born in England, brought up in Kenya and has enjoyed a love-affair with Africa ever since. Making a total nuisance of himself with all the giants of wildlife photography, film-making and ethology that he could find, he spent all his time in the bush, living a life that few have experienced.

A dream was realised with the acquisition of Nokuthula, a game lodge in South Africa.

His informative, amusing and exciting stories of his time living in what can only be called paradise, are told in a series of best-selling books:

Msomi and Me, Elephants Are People Too and One Chance.

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Click on one of the book cover pictures to send an email enquiry

Author Interviews:

I was honoured to be interviewed by these fine and successful authors.

Read the interviews here and learn a bit more about yours truly …..

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